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Education & Instruction

On this page you will find different educational and instructional materials to help your use and understand your StataSoles® Training System better. We will be updating and adding to this section periodically. We hope that you will come back and visit this section often.

Fitting and Breaking In Your StrataSoles® Training System
To fully maximize the affect of your StrataSoles® and the added gravity to your body, new users of StrataSoles® Training System’s weighted insoles are encouraged to adhere to the fitting and breaking in steps in this article.

For your convenience, we have also included a link to download and print the instructions.

Case Study: Athletic Use of the StrataSoles® Training System

It is a well accepted fact that effective training begins with the legs. This is a case study where twenty football players were chosen randomly from the team’s starting offensive and defensive teams. Ten were placed in an Experimental Group (using StrataSoles®), and ten were place in a Control Group(using their regular athletic shoes and inserts with no changes).

Though the test groups were small in number (10 in each group), both groups’ average test scores improved in each of the four drills, the StrataSoles® User Group outperformed the Control Group in every drill and by a margin coaches deemed significant. Read More

For your convenience, we have also included a link to download and print this case study.
Building Leg Strength and Speed for a Competitive Sport
What is your athletic or fitness goal for this year? 2012 is old news! Take a different path.

Today there is a challenging and safe strength and speed training companion for any individual wishing to build leg strength and speed for a competitive sport or better fitness. And, it works! Consider moving your weights below your feet. Demand the quality of a good orthotic. Choose a product that provides results, and can deliver comfort and safety as well!.

Traditional Thinking
Adding resistance to the athletic workout is a longstanding approach to building strength, endurance and speed. Pushing, pulling and lifting weights is an accepted method of increasing muscle mass, heart and lung capacity and speed.

There are drawbacks to this approach… Read More
Best and Safest Strength Training for Young Athletes
Strength training for young athletes must be approached with caution.

Growing young talent is a delicate and risky challenge. Strength training for young athletes must be approached with caution. Parents often push their children who play on sports-specific travel squads toward weight training or, for some, personal trainers.

But, what works best and what method is safest? Because the legs are the foundation for almost every outstanding performance, the focus should be on building leg strength, speed, agility and coordination in a youngster whose muscles and body are still developing.

There are drawbacks to this approach… Read More
Improving Agility with StrataSoles®
Improving Agility

All athletes can benefit from agility drills to help improve coordination, speed, power and sports-specific skill. Use these drills to perfect your foot speed and refine your sports technique.… Read More
Improving Speed and Quickness with StrataSoles®
Improving Speed & Quickness

Form sprinting drills help establish correct neuromuscular movement patterns. Establishing as much of an error-free movement pattern as possible may improve both stride rate and stride length. Doing this will eliminate any wasted energy that does not contribute to forward movement.… Read More
Improving Vertical Leap with StrataSoles®
Improving Vertical Leap

A plyometric exercise is one that involves an eccentric contraction followed by an explosive movement of the same muscle. Plyometrics are performed to increase the ability of a muscle to generate explosive force, which in the case of the legs enables the athlete to jump higher and farther.… Read More
N.E.A.T. and StrataSoles®
Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis

The StrataSoles® Training System and its Lifestyle Training approach received unsolicited validation from the extensive work done by Dr. James Levine of the Endocrine Research Unit at the Mayo Clinic. During the later months of 2012 and throughout 2013, StrataSoles® began to encourage users to follow a Lifestyle Training approach to increase their fitness. This is achieved by wearing weighted StrataSoles during daily activities to strengthen the legs and burn more calories. Users were encouraged to go beyond athletic activities and accelerate their fitness by wearing StrataSoles® away from the gym.… Read More
Easing Neuropathy Pain Through Exercise
Easing Neuropathy Pain Through Exercise

Treating the root cause of the Peripheral Neuropathy is critical to easing the pain and discomfort caused by the degeneration of the muscular and nervous systems. One of the effective ways for reducing pain and discomfort is exercise. Exercise can improve blood circulation to the muscles, blood pressure and general well being.… Read More
Warming Up with Dynamic Stretching using Stratasoles®
Warming Up with Dynamic Stretching

Research has suggested that the use of slow, controlled movements made during the full range of motion is the best way to warm up. We call this “dynamic stretching”. The exercises you choose should be consistent with the movements utilized during your sport.… Read More

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