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Improving Fitness
"I use my StrataSoles® when I walk on an inclined treadmill, as well as when I take my hikes. They've helped me achieve my butt and thigh firming goals more quickly. I can feel a difference."
Ms. Dasse Watts
Attorney and fitness enthusiast
North Hollywood, CA
"My StrataSoles® totally conformed to the inside of my shoes after one training session. They had no restriction on the flexibility of my shoes. I felt the weightlessness the very first time I took them out of my shoes. Everything about running was easier to do."
Scott Deal
Podiatrist and runner
Indianapolis, IN
"My calves have gotten much stronger! Also, I have experienced a lot of pain in my arches in the past. That pain has decreased significantly. Now, there is little or no discomfort at all. StrataSoles® are a great investment that will revitalize anyone’s active lifestyle!"     Watch Video
Adrian Owens
Office Manager
San Francisco, CA
"StrataSoles® allow the body to work in an integrated way. It makes the body perform the way it was designed to perform. The shoe needs to keep the body integrated, so it doesn’t work against itself and eventually breakdown. StrataSoles® align the heel, ankle, knee and hip, so they work in unison. I haven’t seen anything on the market like it. It’s amazing!"
Steve Jones
Former NBA player and TV Analyst
Houston, TX
"I lost 12 pounds and improved my cardiovascular stamina for exercising in my first 6 weeks of using my StrataSoles®. And, I did it without any other changes in my work out routine!"
Mark Crawford
VP of Sales and Marketing
Chicago, IL
"I am approaching my sixth week of wearing StrataSoles®, and I attest that it assisted in my calf injury recovery… I do believe in StrataSoles® and believe that I can sell them. I wear StrataSoles™ during fitness sessions and on occasions have worn the StrataSoles® weightless support insoles. I am amazed at how my body skeletal system adjusted to the shoes, it feels chiropractic."
Dr. Sonya Wesley
Sport Series, Inc
Jacksonville, FL
"I think they are great! I use them slightly differently than I thought. I use them throughout the day, and then don't use them when I teach aerobics. It makes me feel like superman! They don’t have that workout odor, either."
John Nagel
Aerobics (Zumba) Instructor
Rancho San Diego, CA
Improving Sports Performance
Increasing Speed and Endurance

"It’s the newest, easiest, way to get faster! I sure did. I was shocked at how fast I improved!"
Division One All American Heptathlete
San Diego, CA

"I used ankle weights to add resistance to my runners when I was the Head Women’s Track Coach at BYU, because they were the best tools available. Too much weight caused problems, however. Ron, and the folks at StrataSoles Enterprises, really got it right. Their eight ounce approach is a winner. The StrataSoles® Training System is safer than other approaches because the weight is under the foot where it can’t put undue pressure on lower body joints. The weight they’re using is ideal and does not cause the athlete to change his or her stride length. My athletes will be using them for baseline training during the winter."    Watch Video
R. Craig Poole
Former BYU Women’s Track and Field Coach
Elite Athlete Coach
Chula Vista, CA
"I have exercised with the weighted StrataSoles® an average of 3-4 days a week for 8 weeks and also played competitive basketball at least 2 days/week with the non-weighted soles. I have found that it was much easier to compete and I felt a new found athleticism maintained to the end of 60-90 minutes of basketball that wasn’t present in my playing before using the system."
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Mitch Loberg
V.P. - National Sales, Healthcare
Suttons Bay, MI
Increasing Jumping Ability

"I would recommend StrataSoles® 100%! I’m jumping higher and easier. They would be very beneficial for jumpers."
Division One All American Volleyball Player
San Diego, CA
Dr. Ken Sylvester"The original inventor of the concept of using weighted insoles as part of his competitive advantage. In high school Ken increased his vertical jumping ability from 14’ to 42’ in one basketball season. Later in his life he continued to use the training soles and achieved a Top 5 ranking in the world for competitive racquetball. Now, after a difficult knee surgery Ken has used his StrataSoles® as a physical therapy regimen that increased his ability to get back on his feet over traditional physical therapy regimens."

"They helped me increase my speed and agility. I improved my speed in the 40 yard dash from 5.0 to 4.81 and my vertical from 25 inches to 31 inches after only four weeks. They supported my arch like no other shoe I’ve had!"
David C.
Pike High School, football
Indianapolis, IN
Increasing Agility and Foot Speed

"I made a huge improvement in my plyos (plyometric exercises)! I noticed I had faster feet during my drills. I’d say I improved my burst (of speed), as well as my jumping, sprinting and leaping! I loved them!"
Jimmy Gilmore
Former college soccer player and fitness enthusiast
San Diego, CA
"I mostly noticed improvement in my all around athleticism (more power and speed) after two weeks of consistent use. I use low level plyometrics in my workouts. It is not a large difference, but there is a noticeable change a workout!"
Chris Thomas
Advanced Nike SPARQ Trainer
Fishers, IN
"They helped me increase my speed and agility. I improved my speed in the 40 yard dash from 5.0 to 4.81 and my vertical from 25 inches to 31 inches after only four weeks. They supported my arch like no other shoe I’ve had!"
David C.
Pike High School, football
Indianapolis, IN
"Although I felt an increase in quickness and speed, the most noticeable difference for me was in agility. I just feel light on my feet. I’m getting to balls that I would not have gotten to in the past!"
Young Cho
Restaurateur and avid tennis player
Lake Geneva, WI
"After retirement, I was exploring ways to stay active. I workout in the gym three days and play tennis twice a week. I have never worn insoles, but Ron asked me to try his StrataSoles®. I was amazed at how comfortable they are! My shoes fit much better and I experience added support from toe to heel. I used the weighted insoles in the gym and all my practice sessions! Once I got to the tennis club I competed without the weighted insoles. My StrataSoles® improved the speed and agility of my footwork and raised the level of my tennis game! Thanks Ron for introducing me to StrataSoles®!"
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Art Perry
Former NCAA Men's Basketball Coach
Lewes, DE
Professional Organizations
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"Our staff tested StrataSoles® on ten of our starters and used ten other starters as a control group. The StrataSoles® group outperformed the "control" group in every one of our speed and agility tests. Those guys were instrumental in winning our 2011 season opener. You can see the difference on the field. The insoles have made a major impact on our team."
Jud Bordman
High school football coach
San Marcos, CA
"These insoles really helped with my performance because I can now sprint faster, accelerate quicker and make sharper turns, which are keys to the game I play, soccer. They also helped me with ankle and knee injuries. I have faith that these insoles could speed up recovery time with certain injuries!"
Manuel L.
High school soccer player
Chula Vista, CA
"We started my son off with the non-weighted insoles and saw an immediate difference in his posture. He has had lots of foot problems with athletic shoes he’s worn and orthotics never worked. Since he has been wearing your StrataSoles® he has had increased stamina, better agility, and better accuracy on his shots. If this product can improve a 16 year olds game and overall ability the way it has my son, it should be very strongly promoted at the high school level. It could sure give young players a better opportunity to continue sports at the next level!"
Humberto L.
Manuel L.’s father
Chula Vista, CA

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