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Features & Benefits of StrataSoles®

State of the Art, Premium Training System
  • The StrataSoles® Training System (STS) is a state of the art, premium, training system that will replace cumbersome fitness tools used in the past to strengthen the lower body and enhance athletic performance and fitness. The STS rests safely below the joints and is superior to ankle weights, boots or weighted vests in allowing the athlete to exercise with resistance and full range of motion without causing excess pain and injury to joints.

Three-Layer Construction
  • The three-layer construction provides a firm but flexible platform for foot and arch support.

Unique Patented Construction
  • The unique, patented construction of the highest quality materials promotes even weight distribution across the foot.

Sports Specificity
  • The STS can be used within virtually any active sport using the legs or requiring lateral movement (i.e. basketball, baseball, football, volleyball, soccer, softball, tennis etc), as well as speed, leg explosion and overall "athleticism" by developing stronger legs and hips. All features can also apply to fitness enthusiasts, as well as military trainees.

Improve Cardiovascular Stamina
  • The STS works with the athlete to improve cardiovascular stamina by increasing gravitational resistance during training. That forces any athlete to work harder.

Patented Weighting Compound
  • The patented weighting compound provides needed resistance while also remaining flexible. The STS provides a convenient, safe and effective “load” on the lower body that accelerates the development of lower body strength and agility.

High Rebound Foam Cushioning
  • The high rebound foam top sole provides a comfortable, firm, but responsive landing surface that dampens landing shock and reduces unwanted foot fatigue.

Includes a Second Non-Weighted Pair of Insoles
  • The STS features a pair of non-weighted insoles as well. Comes in a "green", environmentally-friendly tote bag to store second pair of insoles. These insoles are high quality and can permanently replace the factory liners originally placed within athletic shoes. This value-added pair of “matched” insoles allows the user to retain the “feel” of the weighted insole when it is removed. Replacing the weighted insoles with non-weighted insole will promote a quicker muscle response, much like the weight ring used with bats in baseball to quicken the swing.

Nylex™ Covering
  • Durable, low-friction top cover of brushed Nylex™ that provides effective moisture management and anti-microbial technology to fight offensive odors..

Advanced Anatomical Shaping
  • Advanced anatomical shaping (deep heel cup and adaptive arch support system) replaces inadequate factory-made shoe liner and provides the user with a comfortable, contoured fit. The minimal heel to toe offset can promote more of a midfoot strike.

Adaptive Arch Support
  • The adaptive arch is elongated to support a variety of arch systems (works particularly well with flat feet).

Full Range of Sizes
  • A full range of sizes are available to promote a better fit and safer platform for the foot and ankle, as opposed to the radical trimming encouraged with other more cheaply made weighted products. Notched markers appear on the front of the insole to customize sizing;Sizes range from W-4 ½ to M-15 and weights are Light (6 oz. for youth), Medium (8 oz. for adults), and Heavy (10 oz. for big athletes over 270 lbs.).

Suitable for Young Athletes
  • For young athletes, the STS can be especially valuable in developing strength over a longer training period. It can be used with any workout regimen to improve leg strength, speed, vertical leaping ability, or general coordination. The weight of the insoles can increase (light to medium) as the athlete grows and individual strength increases.

Use With Any Brand of Shoes
  • The STS is convenient and easy to use. It can be worn with any brand of shoe (thus turning any athletic shoe into a safe training shoe). Use your StrataSoles with most brands of shoes with minimal trimming, turning any shoe into a safe, training shoe.

Meets the Highest Standards of Athletic Performance
  • The STS encourages the body to perform the way it was designed to perform! It keeps the foot, ankle, knee and hip aligned for maximum athletic performance and greater body integrity.

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