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Fitting & Breaking In Your StrataSoles® Training System

PLEASE READ CAREFULLY Print These Instructions
NOTE: To fully maximize the affect of your StrataSoles® and the added gravity to your body, new users of StrataSoles® Training System’s weighted insoles are encouraged to adhere to the following steps.

Properly Lacing Your StrataSoles®:

  1. Loosen or remove your shoe strings.

  2. Remove the shoe’s removable liner.

  3. Place your weighted "training" StrataSoles® inside your shoe. Your new insoles should lie flat in the bottom of your shoe. If necessary, trim the front of your insoles using the notches for your guide so they fit easily in your shoe. You may have to trim the outside of the insoles if you are wearing game shoes, as they are often narrower than training shoes. If some slight trimming is necessary, draw an outline using your original insole/liner to gauge appropriate size. Trim along the inside of the line. A sharp knife or scissors should do the trick. Do not trim too much at once. Trim it, try it; trim it, try it!

    This is VERY important to allow for adequate room in the front of the shoe.

  4. Restring your shoes, ensuring a snug fit.

Breaking In Your StrataSoles®:

  1. Wear your weighted, training StrataSoles® in your regular, laced athletic shoes for 2-3 hours the first day and as much of the day as possible after that for three to five days. This will let your body become accustomed to the added weight, deeper heel cavity and longer adapted arch support before you begin vigorous training. It will also allow the insoles to begin to mold to the shape of your foot. Do not use loafers to break in your StrataSoles®.

  2. After 3-5 days, remove your StrataSoles® and, using steps #1-4 above, place them in your training shoes.

  3. Your body should have made the kinesthetic adjustment to the added gravity resistance and you should be ready to train safely.

  4. You may feel an unusual support to the inside of your heel. This is okay. What you are probably feeling is the adapted arch support which is longer and supports more of your foot. StrataSoles® are shaped and designed to be firm and supportive and not soft like gel insoles. There’s a good chance your previous shoes did not do this.

  5. Whenever you want to go back to a non-weighted workout or need to compete, remove your training insoles and replace them with the enclosed pair of non-weighted performance insoles using steps #1-4 above. You’ll feel a big difference. You can also use the performance insoles in any of your everyday, laced shoes to give you more support and comfort.

Print These Instructions
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